The Best Custom Military Coin Experience

One may collect many things throughout a military career – from memories and experiences to keepsakes and awards. Most if not all of a military man or woman’s military keepsakes have unmeasurable worth, money can’t buy the pride and hard work that comes with receiving an award from a commanding officer or the experience gained from going out on a special mission.

One of the greatest and most important accomplishments a soldier may gain would be being awarded a military challenge coin. The art of challenge coin awarding has been long practiced in the military and has always been treated with high regard. Whenever one is presented with a military challenge coin, it is always considered an honor and a thing to be proud of. After all, with the hard-faced façade of the military, receiving such recognition would be tantamount to receiving a hug after a job well done.

challenge-coinsThe birth of custom military coins date back to the first World War, when a rich commanding officer decided to reward his squad members with bronze medallions. With flying being a new discovery during that era, a young flying ace was shot and landed on German territory. After escaping his way into France, he was then thought of as spy and was recaptured by French troops. However, upon seeing the bronze medallion on his neck, the French then recognized him as a member of an American squadron and sent him on his way after sharing a bottle of wine.

When shopping for custom military coins, numerous factors need to be considered – price being one of the first occurring thoughts that come to mind. However, if you’re looking for affordable yet high quality customized military coins, we’ll be more than willing to offer our services and give you the best!

We love giving our customers the best experience when it comes to customized military coins—with various designs that range from simple embellished mottos to 3d and cut-out custom military coins, you name it. We even offer military coins in different metals. If you’re into being simple and neutral, you can always go for pewter, brass or copper coins. However, if you want to give your custom military coins some glitz and glamour, then gold or silver coins are definitely the way to go.

We also offer several edge designs, like flat, rope, oblique line, cross cut and flat weave edged military coins. Appearances always come first when purchasing custom military coins. If you’re going to have your coin customized, might as well go head on with making your coin the best out there. Well designed and detailed coins always stand out in a crowd and have a higher perceived value. You might want to put a decorative edge on your coin to make it extra special for the receiver.

Military coins

Detailed custom military coins give an air of professionalism worthy of a man or woman in uniform; it not only gives justice to all the hardships and struggles faced while being in the battle field, but it also gives justice to the bravery and courage showcased by each soldier in battle. Every soldier deserves his or her own military coin; keeping the world safe for everyone sure isn’t an easy task, so what better way to show your appreciation for these modern day heroes than with custom military coins?

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