Golf Equipment- The Wedges and Chippers

When a ball lands among the trees, bunkers, beside man-made lakes or tall roughs surrounding the greens of a golf course, a player must have a fantastic short game to get it up and down.

A short game in golf is the use of a wedge or a chipper and the golfer is somewhere near the green.

Invented by professional golfer Gene Sarazen, who is only among 5 players to win all of golf’s major tournaments, the idea of the wedge came about while Sarazen was riding on anairplane of a friend and observed how it worked.

Among the wedges the two most popular ones are the sand wedge and the pitching wedge, which are used when a ball lands on a not so hard surface. On bunker shots or roughs, the sand wedge or SWis the best option to get out of a sandy situation. For tall roughs and other lies the pitching wedge or PW should get the job done, which could also be used for shots called bump and run.

equipmentOther types of golf equipment include the gap wedge which is a cross from the pitching and sand wedge and creates less bounce and the lob wedge also known as the “L” wedge, which is used if a player wants more flight to the flag or pin instead of getting more roll from the ball. The wedge could be made out of copper, chrome, steel or nickel.

If the ball lands on short grass just a few steps from the green, a player may use a chipper, which gives a higher flight angle once the ball is struck imitating a putting stroke.

A lot of professional players have relied on the use of the two most well-known piece of golf equipment in their bags. They require a best pieces of equipment. is a best website where you get a best equipment which fulfill the golfer need.

On the LPGA tour, the always fashionably dressed Natalie Gulbis, and Michelle Wie who had just won the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open are examples of players who know how to use their golf equipment well especially when it comes to their wedges and chippers.

The best PGA tour player known for doing magical shots with his wedges is 5 time major winner Phil Mickelson. He is famous for the “Phil flop shot” using his wedges. Lately Mickelson was seen doing backward wedge shots while practicing for the Scottish Open.

Other known wedge shots that won a major are Bob Tway’s bunker shot that went straight for the hole to beat Greg Norman in the 1986 PGA Championship and in the 1987 Masters; Larry Mize sunk the ball into the hole after a long chip shot also beating Norman for the title.

Another historical wedge shot, happened at the 1982 U.S. Open, when Tom Watson, famous for practicing with his wedges for countless hours, holed his chip shot at the 17th hole.

Other players use the same golf equipment from the driver all the way to the 9 iron, but when it comes to wedges and chippers, they use a brand that they are comfortable with.

If players cannot hit the lush greenery of the fairways to get the feel of their wedges, there are always golf equipment training devices which they could utilize at home or at the office. Pitching mats, chipping nets, short rough practice mats are just a few of the available pitching and chipping aids that could enhance a golfer’s short game.

From errant shots that end anywhere near an obstacle around the green to just plain chipping and rolling the ball from the fringe to get it close to the pin, it is the wedges and the chippers that could actually save the day in a golf game.