Considerations To Be Revisited Before Customizing Patches

Patches are widely used to depict different lifestyles and themes, to commemorate special events, to show involvement or belonging, or to simply act as aesthetic add-ons. Whatever the reason for wearing one, this tool is a great way to give attitude or convey meaning to a somewhat simple item.

From a minimalistic approach to speaking in a loud note, our way of making patch is guaranteed to reflect its wearer’s needs and wants. To guarantee specificity and uniqueness, we always thoroughly ask for our client’s inputs.

However, this does not always come easy because more often than not, many people do not possess a great deal of knowledge regarding patch customization. Now, to assure quality of the patch, it is best to know the different options that one has when customizing one.

Patch Design

Of all the elements of a patch, perhaps the most important one is its design. For this reason, we give our clients the best options and control to his patch’s design.

Iron On PatchesFrom a simple drawing or sketch of the desired design given by clients, we transform it digitally. We proof and show it to clients for approval or revisions. However if one has no design yet, our team can also aid in the designing process. We have talented, experienced graphic artists that can work by simply receiving inputs. Certainly, the finished design will first be shown to the client for finalization. To top it all off, we do not charge for our design making and revisions, so it is safe to continuously give feedbacks until the final product comes in par to our client’s specifications.

Patch Size

Patches come in different sizes. Small ones are often used in the military or scouting organizations to denote accomplishments and rank. Multiple small patches have also become a trend in the punk rock scene and to hipster people. On the other hand, large patch sizes are typically used by athletes and bikers in their jackets.

A small patch is subtle whereas a big one is bold. Wearing a small patch can convey meaning in a simplistic way. Conversely, sporting a big patch gives a somewhat tougher aura. It is also a great way to conspicuously show something important.

Before customizing, one needs to be sure on how large of a patch he wants. For accuracy, we conveniently size a patch based on its dimensions. The length and width of the patch is multiplied then divided by two. The result is the official size of the patch. For clients, it is more important to give inputs in the patch length and width. The official size is just one of the determinants that will indicate the customization price.

Coverage Amount Of The Embroidery

This section accounts for the area of the background fabric that is to be covered with stitching. Of course this will depend on the patch design but considerations must first be thought upon thoroughly because the coverage amount dictates the smoothness or roughness of the patch.

The general rule in this is that the greater the coverage amount, the smoother the patch will look. This is because the embroidered image will be raised off the twill. When the image covers the whole twill, no rough, elevated edges will be formed. On the other hand, if there are many “holes” in the embroidered design, elevation will be irregular, thus creating a rough image.

Patch Backings

Patches all start with no backing. Backing is just a supplementary element to give additional durability and to retain the form of the patch. It is also involved in the ease that a patch is attached to certain materials.

In patch backings, we offer several options. One is tape backing which is versatile, easily removable, and less permanent. Another is Velcro backing which is also removable but is less susceptible to wearing out than tape backing. Iron backing on the other hand is a kind of permanent attachment which employs heat for gluing to fabrics. Lastly, we also offer button loop backings. The loop in the patch is used to hang from a button or lapel pin — no adhesive or sewing required.

Patch Edges

Many designs call for an irregular patch edge. Instead of the standard regular edges, one can opt to have his patch cut with sharp details to the form of his design. By doing so, the patch will stand out from the others and details will be more obvious and appreciated.

Patch Price

Patches are priced depending on the intricacy of its design, the materials used, and the time needed to produce it. So after all other considerations is done, it is best to reflect on one’s own budget and make necessary changes, if necessary, to get his desired patch in his money’s worth.
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